A/B Targeting: Beyond A/B Testing

Automatic Visitor Segmentation

Start Optimizing Without Coding

Insightware can be integrated with minimal, one-time IT support. After that you can create as many experiences as you want without further IT involvement.


Design Your Changes

Easily design your experiences with our intuitive editor. No coding required.


Define Your Goals

Define the goals that you want your visitors to take. For example, clicking on your Call-To-Action button.


Improve Conversion Rates

Insightware will automatically present the best variation to each of your visitors. Analyze detailed reports on the obtained results.


Why is Insightware's A/B Targeting Better Than A/B Testing?

Bringing new visitors to your site is hard and expensive. Once you have their attention, it's critical for your business to convert them into customers as effectively as possible.

A/B Testing helps you find which of different variations converts better in general. Your visitors, however, behave differently depending on which segments they belong to, so you can do better than optimizing for the average visitor.

Insightware automatically identifies user segments, learns about how each of them perform with different variations, and presents the most promising variation to each user.


Pricing is based on the number of monthly unique visitors in your site. All of our plans come with a free 30-day trial.

Unique Montly Visitors Montly Cost
Free 5,000 $0 Sign Up
Basic 10,000 $49 Try for Free
Business 25,000 $99 Try for Free
Growth 50,000 $179 Try for Free
Commercial 100,000 $299 Try for Free
Plus 200,000 $499 Try for Free
Premium 500,000 $999 Try for Free
Enterprise 1,000,000+ - Contact Us

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